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Laticia R. Little, M. Msc. is a spiritual teacher, author and transformation coach with a passion

for cultivating peace, harmony, love and joy into the world. In 2019 she became the founder and

Spiritual Director of Spirit Led Life Learning Center where she teaches courses on spirituality,

meditation practices and healing. Laticia currently works for the federal government where she

serves as a leadership development coach and trainer for her region. 


She is the program coordinator for the mentoring and coaching programs and a master facilitator. 

She has a passion for helping leader’s lead with purpose and authenticity.  She specializes

in conflict coaching where she helps teams that are in disruption overcome conflicts, resolve

disputes and truly become high performing teams. 

Laticia holds a master’s degree in Metaphysics and is currently working on her Doctorate in

Divinity through the University of Sedona.  She holds an advanced Coaching certificate from

Coach U, a Certificate in Civil Mediation, Diversity and Inclusion.  Additionally, she has a Bachelor

of Science in Communications from Middle Georgia State University. 

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