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Who We Are

At Spirit Led Life we are a dynamic inter-faith group created to support individuals in awakening the power of the Christ Consciousness that lies within each us.  We seek to create a merger between our spiritual reality and our physical reality.  Together we explore sacred teachings and practices designed to cultivate lives of love, joy, and freedom. We live, move and have our being in this love, joy and freedom.  Our desire is that all mankind can live a God inspired life!

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Vision and Goals


Spirit Led Life Center was created to be a welcoming learning environment where each individual can explore the different religions and philosophies without coersion to choose one path.  It is a learning center truly dedicated to the spiritual growth and development of every person in their uniquely crafted journey to self mastery.


·         To foster spiritual awareness, peace and harmony in our relationship with the Divine Spirit, Self and the world through education and training on the many different approaches to the one truth of all spiritual teachings.

·         To support healing within our community through spiritual counseling, mentoring, collaboration, coaching and sacred healing techniques and services,

·         To create a strong, vibrant community that serves as a positive example of a Life truly Led by the Spirit, yet empowered and unafraid to embrace the diverse communities around us through our selfless giving, volunteerism and mentoring,

·         To work to bring an end to religious bias and intolerance, including unconscious bias and imprinting through education and collaborative interfaith and culturally infused working groups,

·         To support individuals in creating better lives for themselves and their families through the teachings of true prosperity,

·         To create a strong loving community that serves as a positive example of,” a Life truly Led by the Spirit “  in a  world of chaos,

·         To celebrate the gift of life given to each of us, empowering us to visibly engage and embrace our lives;  and,  

·         To develop a  portfolio of  self -sustaining individual, family, and community  services and resources


Upcoming Events

  • Feb 24, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST
    Online Event
    Join Us for an in-depth study of Heart Centered Metaphysics. This unique class does a deep dive into spiritual principals and practices that are key to understanding metaphysics. We are using the book Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck.
  • Mon, Feb 22
    Online Zoom Meeting
    Feb 22, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST
    Online Zoom Meeting
    Want to know the secrets to maintaining a healthy happy relationship? Join us on Mondays as we share some key tools to help build and sustain more fulfilling relationships.
  • Sun, Feb 21
    Zoom Link:
    Feb 21, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
    Zoom Link:
    Join us

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Give and It Shall Be Given

At Spirit Led Life Center is a non-profit organization.  We accept donations and tithes to help us to serve the people who all people regardless of income. Our center is committed to offering life changing classes and practitioner services at minimum cost to anyone who might desire to learn and grow.  Your donations/tithes ensures that we are able to continue to shine a light on the path of spiritual growth and self-mastery!  Thank you for supporting this ministry.


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