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Who We Are

At Spirit Led Life we are a dynamic inter-faith group created to support individuals in awakening the power of the Christ Consciousness that lies within each us.  We seek to create a merger between our spiritual reality and our physical reality.  Together we explore sacred teachings and practices designed to cultivate lives of love, joy, and freedom. We live, move and have our being in this love, joy and freedom. Our desire is that all mankind can live a God     inspired life!


Upcoming Events

  • May 22, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Byron, 110 Gralan Dr, Byron, GA 31008, USA
    There is more than one way to meditate AND everyone can meditate. Join us to learn the style that is best for you!

Support Spirit Led Life Center

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Give and It Shall Be Given

Spirit Led Life Center is a non-profit organization.  We accept donations and tithes to help us to serve the people who all people regardless of income. Our center is committed to offering life changing classes and practitioner services at minimum cost to anyone who might desire to learn and grow.  Your donations/tithes ensures that we are able to continue to shine a light on the path of spiritual growth and self-mastery!  Thank you for supporting this ministry.